With a New Year, Try Out Some of Our Healthier Options

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Every December masses of people commit to themselves and their family that they will do better in the the New Year.  Better choices.  Better living.  Healthier eating!  These New Year’s Resolutions are put in place with high aspirations and optimistic outlooks.  Some do very well and hold strong to their resolutions.  Others might make it a few months and then use their resolutions as guidelines or even suggestions.  We’re here to tell you that we want you to succeed in your New Year’s Resolutions…especially with your healthier eating habits.

The immediate reaction you’re probably having is: “How can a PIZZA restaurant equal healthy eating habits?”

The answer is simple: We’re not your average Pizza restaurant.
We give you flavor, quality, and most importantly – OPTIONS!

Here’s a scenario for you to ponder:
You’ve committed yourself to eating better in the New Year.  Cut out the excess and the unnecessary in your daily dietary intake.  But all of your coworkers are going out to lunch at Uncle Maddio’s and you want to join.  

So why not join them?
Just because you are going to a Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint does not mean you have to get an all Bacon Pizza…we can make it and it will be tasty, but you don’t have to get only Pizza.

We have a take on the sandwich/panini and it’s called a Foldwich!
One of our most popular Foldwiches is the Mediterranean: delicious grilled chicken paired with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, portabella mushrooms, and tomatoes.  We add arugula and olive tapenade before topping everything off with some of our Greek Dressing.

Don’t underestimate our House Salads as simply greens and dressings.  Just like our Pizzas, our salads are fully customizable and tailored to exactly the way you want it.  We make sure that our guests that choose salads instead of pizza go home just as full!  Is a side salad the perfect amount?  Try one of our Caeser, Greek, or Garden side salads!

Yes, Pizzas too!
We previously wrote about our Gluten-Free options (you can read that blog entry here), but we also have one of our Signature Pizzas that has nothing but our fresh vegetable toppings called the “Simply Veggie”.  After we spread our tasty tomato-basil sauce, we cover it with a layer of mozzarella.  Then we blanket the pizza with delicious toppings such as roma tomatoes, banana peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, black olives, and garnished with fresh basil.  Now all the carnivorous guests at your table can enjoy their pizza and you can enjoy yours!

The bottomline is we want you to enjoy your food with fresh, quality ingredients while still holding strong to your New Year’s Resolutions.  These goals can be difficult, but they shouldn’t be impossible.

Are you trying our a new resolution this year?  Does it involve food?
Let us know!

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