Who Do You Want to Share Your Pizza With?

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We like to think of ourselves as a pizza restaurant made for everyone.  We cater to lunch crowds, dinner crowds, birthday parties, you name it – we aim to please them!

Our fresh quality product and exceptional customer service makes your dining experience an unforgettable one.

So who do you want to share your pizza with?

The Fam

family night at Uncle MaddiosAs a family-friendly restaurant we love seeing parents bringing their little ones in for pizza (and cookie!) on family night.  With a Create Your Own establishment like ours, EVERYONE can be happy with their own pizza.  Mom likes veggie, dad gets the Big Max, brother can have a BBQ Chicken, and little sister sticks with her passion: cheese, cheese, and more cheese!  We have birthday parties on a regular basis – so if you need a space to feed your party animals pizza and cake, we can get you taken care of!

Don’t forget about Wednesday’s at Uncle Maddio’s!  We picked out Hump Day for our Wednesday Family Day Special.  With it being middle of the work week and mom or dad is just not feeling the urge to slave over the oven, come out for a special deal to help with those woes.  For every 9″ pizza that mom or dad orders, the kids each get their own 6″ pizza.  Like we said: everyone gets what they want for toppings and everyone is happy!

Date Night

All the stuffy, high priced restaurants around town have long wait times and your movie starts in under an hour!  What do you do to make sure date night isn’t ruined?  Come over to Uncle Maddio’s!  Enjoy a nice evening, sharing a tasty pizza with your favorite toppings (we can do 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas if you need us to) out on our patio.  Relax and take the pressure out of what could be a stressful night of planning and time management.  Because our pizzas come out of the oven in under 7 minutes, you won’t have to worry about missing your movie or keeping the babysitter out to all hours of the night.

Before you go, no dinner date would be complete without sharing dessert.  You can experience our famous tasty cookies fresh out of the oven.  Pull them apart and see the chocolate melt.  Take a bite and let your mouth do a happy dance with the rich flavors!  Or try our fresh cannoli prepared the moment you ask for it.  Crispy, crunchy pastry shell with a chocolate chip cream cheese filling.   If the decision is too hard – just try both!


Escape from the Office

After a hectic morning at work, sometimes you just need to come up for air.  Step out from the office cubicle and enjoy a break with your co-workers.  You don’t have to worry about waiting too long for your pizza either.  A lot of pizza restaurants warn you that your order may take 20 to 30 minutes to prepare and cook.  As we mentioned earlier: our pizza chefs and ovens will ensure your pizza will be in front of you at your seat in under 7 minutes.  That way your entire lunch break won’t be wasted on waiting for a pizza.  You don’t have to rush and you can enjoy your food with your friends and co-workers.  mojo

We offer several specials throughout the week that you and your office mates can take advantage of.  Maddio Mondays gets you a 9″ 3-topping pizza for ONLY $5.99, while Tasty Tuesdays offers any of our Signature Salads for ONLY $6.99.  Our Friday Maddio Meal special during lunchtime includes a 6″ 3-topping pizza, side salad, and drink for the Office Hero price of ONLY $7.99.

Who do you like to share your pizza with?  Stop by sometime and let us know!

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