What’s a Calorie Got to Do With It?

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A few weeks ago, we posted a blog about healthier eating to start off the New Year.  Have you stuck to your guns?  Are those resolutions still intact and running on all cylinders?  It’s tough; especially in a fast-paced and constantly moving world we are living in.

This week’s blog post is here to help with understanding the intake and calorie discussion.  More importantly to make sure you understand there are plenty of options and healthy choices to help you keep those resolutions of healthier and better eating.

Depending on your audience, you could get several different responses when asked about “Healthy Eating”UMPJ prep table
“No carbs!”
“A calorie is a calorie – portion control is how you lose weight”
“My metabolism takes care of everything for me – I eat what I want”

Along with these responses, there are a hefty amount more of different approaches and strategies.  To make matters worse, they are all backed up by different research and studies.

So each person and their approach will likely be different than many they run into.

Let’s start by addressing the fundamentals:
What is a CALORIE?

To break it down to its simplest definition: a calorie is a unit of energy.
To put that energy into perspective: a calorie is approximately 4.2 Joules – it’s enough energy to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water from 15 to 16 °C.

This food energy is what sustains our metabolism and drives our muscles.

Before we dive in any further, it’s always important to remember that what and how you eat is only a contributor to a sustained healthy lifestyle.  Exercise and food choices are hand-in-hand for this conversation.  Going to the gym 7 days a week is fantastic, but not as great if you’re eating fast food and candy once you get home.

Specifically addressing pure weight loss, lowering your calorie intake is a chief factor.  Essentially you are burning more calories than you are taking in.

The typical American Individual will consume somewhere between 3000 and 3500 calories daily.  Cutting back 500 less calories a day and exercising an ADDITIONAL 500 calories a day will equal approximately 1 pound of body mass per week.


What are my options at Uncle Maddio’s?

As we mentioned in our New Year’s Healthier Eating blog post, Uncle Maddio’s is here to help with your calorie intake.  We offer a variety of options that can keep the flavor and taste at a maximum while pushing the total number of calories down.
Here’s an example of some of our calories per serving for some of our 16” Signature Pizzas:

Buffalo Chicken Uncle Maddios        Portabella Pesto Uncle Maddios

Buffalo Chicken                                                                        Portabella Pesto


Simply Veggie Uncle Maddios        Spicy Italian Uncle Maddios

Simply Veggie                                                                          Spicy Italian


Jamaican Jerk Uncle Maddios

Jamaican Jerk

Even if you go the route of a salad (our Greek Salad before dressing is only 254 calories), you are still doing very well with your calorie intake.
Make wise decisions and develop smart eating habitsUMPJ_Greek_Salad

The final decision of what you eat needs to be well balanced and thought out on a daily basis.  There are some foods that are going to be very calorie dense and nutrient-light.  Those foods will make you feel hungry throughout the day even though you have already consumed your allotment of calories.
Conversely, if you just eat nothing but veggies and meat, you are going to feel full – but you are severely cutting yourself too short on your daily calorie intake.  Balance is key.

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