The Big Max: Uncle Maddio’s Answer to the Meat Lover’s Pizza

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With the end of the year right around the corner, we like to take the time to look back on arguably the most popular pizza sold in our restaurant: The Big Max!

The Big Max is our answer to the eternal question: “Hey, do you guys have a meat lovers pizza?”  Short answer: We ABSOLUTELY do!

We love to please all walks of “pizza life” that come through our doors:
Gluten-free guests, vegan or vegetarian patrons, and on the opposite end of that spectrum – the Meat Lover enthusiasts!

At Uncle Maddio’s, all of our Signature Pizzas have their own identity and particular flavor.  Fully customizable, these pizzas will also make you say “Wow!” with just the right combination of  savoring tastes but also bold choices with some stark contrasts (Have you tried our Steak & Blue with blue cheese and balsamic glaze?).

For those of you unfamiliar with typical meat lovers pizzas, the popular Big Max focuses on piling of hearty layers of protein, protein, and more protein!

Our pizza chefs start with the crust of your choice in your preference of size.  Do you want a lot of meat (9in), a bunch of meat (12in), or a metric ton of meat (16in)?  Regardless of the circumference of your pizza, traditional white or whole wheat crust both will function as a solid foundation to your Big Max.  We will even serve it to you on Gluten-free if you choose (be careful though, some of these toppings are NOT Gluten-free).

The traditional tomato basil red sauce covers your carefully selected crust to the brim.  Typically, marina pizza sauce is a thicker tomato sauce with a heavier emphasis on garlic, onions, olives, capers, and sometimes even red wine; whereas our tomato basil sauce is made from fresh whole tomatoes, olive oil, and a proprietary blend of spices.  We can’t tell you which blend of spices, seeing as how its hush-hush TOP SECRET and hence the “proprietary” title.    However, this smooth blend of spices, tomatoes, and olive oil allows the sauce to be evenly spread for a mouthful in every bite.  Our shredded mozzarella cheese blankets the tomato basil sauce in the same typical fashion as every other delicious pizza you’ve had at Uncle Maddio’s.

UMPJ Crust Sauce Cheese

Here’s where the “meat” of the ingredients comes into play:

Pepperoni that has a hint of spice, but brings plenty of zesty flavor
Bacon for the addition of that salty taste complimenting pepperoni’s zest
Italian Sausage to bring the bold and smoky to your taste buds
Handmade Meatballs for a mouthful of juicy savor.

UMPJ Big Max

Each slice is smothered in toppings so that every time you bite down, you are getting a heaping helping of everything!

Hungry yet?
Can you see why so many of our customers picked the Big Max in 2015 when they made their dinner plans with Uncle Maddio’s?

Let us know in the comments what your favorite pizza is and why.

UMPJ Big Max Slice




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