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Fresh Salads: Diversify Your Dining List

February 9th, 2016 Posted by Healthy Options, Salads No Comment yet

Providing our guests with lots of options is one of many things we excel at here at Uncle Maddio’s.  Customization and variety are big on most wishlists and we certainly aim to do just that.

But we’re not talking about just pizza customization and variety of toppings.  When guests come in to our restaurant we want to make sure if they want a delicious pizza that’s what they are getting.  If they want something along the lines of a calzone/panini, they can order one of our tasty foldwiches.  Finally: if they want to enjoy a premium salad with fresh veggies and toppings, they won’t leave disappointed.


With a New Year, Try Out Some of Our Healthier Options

January 5th, 2016 Posted by Foldwiches, Gluten-Free, Healthy Options, Pizza, Restaurant, Salads, Specialty Pizzas No Comment yet

Every December masses of people commit to themselves and their family that they will do better in the the New Year.  Better choices.  Better living.  Healthier eating!  These New Year’s Resolutions are put in place with high aspirations and optimistic outlooks.  Some do very well and hold strong to their resolutions.  Others might make it a few months and then use their resolutions as guidelines or even suggestions.  We’re here to tell you that we want you to succeed in your New Year’s Resolutions…especially with your healthier eating habits.

The immediate reaction you’re probably having is: “How can a PIZZA restaurant equal healthy eating habits?”