Pie and Pint: What a Combination!

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This week we are having our second Evening with Core Brewery & Uncle Maddio’s.  To help our guests out who may be unfamiliar with pairing the right beer and their favorite pizza, we are providing a helpful guide of the beer options for the event as well as some of our picks for the perfect pizza to accompany!

For reference, we have also provided the abv and ibu for each beer.
ABV is an acronym for alcohol by volume.  This is the standard measurement used around the world to define the beer’s strength in terms of alcohol.  Light beers typically range from 4 – 4.5%, with heavier beers having a higher percentage.
Similar to ABV, IBU (International Bitterness Units) is another widely used measurement for beer.  Where ABV, tells us how much alcohol there is, IBU measures the bitterness from hops in a beer on a scale of 0-100.  IBU gauges the isomerized alpha acids from hops in a beer in parts per million. Very hoppy beers, such as imperial IPAs, can reach up to 80 BU.


Leghound Lager
This premium lager resembles an OktoberFest-style beer and is also one of the most popular at Core Brewery.  The German Pilsner, Munich, and Caramunich malts provide a smooth taste but also with a hint of caramel.
14 IBU
5.5 ABV
Best Pizza to Pair with: The Leghound Lager pairs very nicely with a lighter pizza but still needs some protein (chicken) to finalize the match.  Our recommendation is the Chicken Club to ensure neither the pizza or the beer overwhelms the other.

Big Max CloseArkansas Red
Like it’s name, this brew is a premium red and is typically the fan-favorite here at Uncle Maddio’s.
Easy to drink, the Arkansas Red is made with premium malt, rye, hops, and of course: Ozark Mountain Water.
16 IBU
5.2 ABV
Best Pizza to Pair with: This particular brew is the prototypical beer that matches well with most pizzas.  But if we had to pinpoint to just one, the recommendation would be a heavier, meatier pizza like our Big Max.  If you are creating your own, try an Arkansas Red with a sausage-based pizza!

The ESB (Extra Strong/Special Bitters) is the flagship beer that has been brewed for over 20 years by Core.  This Ale is uses premium floor-malted English Barley, crystal malt, 5 hop varieties, and a yeast that produces a clean sweet finish.
31 IBU
6.0 ABV
Best Pizza to Pair with: The recommendation here is for a spicy kick.  Our Spicy Italian meets that requirement with it’s key spicy italian sausage on the forefront.  The mushrooms and banana peppers make sure the heat doesn’t get too powerful while still maintaining a delicious flavor.


Hilltop IPA
Hilltop IPA is an ale with a large amount of American Hops and a clean malty sweetness.  Of this list, in fact, it has the highest IBU (hoppiness)!
6.3 ABV
Best Pizza to Pair with: With a high IBU, a classic Mediterranean would make the best match.  At Uncle Maddio’s, that recommendation would be The Greek.  The organic spinach, red onions, black olives and artichoke are a delicious blend of texture and flavor that make this European-inspired pizza a welcome compliment to the Hilltop IPA.

Oatmeal Stout
Boosted by a smooth velvety texture, this traditional style premium stout is accompanied by a rich roastiness.  The clean finish comes with just a hint of sweetness as well!
31 IBU
6.0 ABV
Best Pizza to Pair with: The texture and flavor of the Oatmeal Stout needs a light pizza to not push too much on the guest enjoying it.  Try this beer with a pizza that is not competing with a lot of flavors itself – a traditional cheese might just be the solution, but for more substance, try the Simply Veggie.

toasted coconutToasted Coconut Ale
You have to get this delicious Southern Brown Ale while you can as it is one of Core’s seasonal brews!  Featuring succelent toasted coconut flavor, the Toasted Coconut Ale has 6 premium grains that will offer your pallet a complex malt profile.
13 IBU
6.0 ABV
Best Pizza to Pair with: With the Toasted Coconut, you can be a little adventurous on your pizza selection.  Our recommendation is the Steak & Blue.  The flavors of blue cheese, steak, and balsamic glaze are so variant, but create a signature taste that matches nicely with this seasonal favorite.

Hazelnut Southern Brown Ale
The 6 different malts and hazelnut allow for a luscious nutty flavor  and smooth malty sweet finish.  The hazelnut compliments the rich caramel-like character of this creamy ale.
13 IBU
6.0 ABV
Best Pizza to Pair with: A sweet-flavor from your pizza is the final touch to this brew.  Some people don’t agree with adding fruit to your pizza (specifically pineapple), but a nice and simple Hawaiian can go a long way with this pairing.  If Canadian Bacon and Pineapple are not your thing, try the BBQ Chicken Pizza.  It’s a little heavier with the grilled chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce, but still has a nice sweet/savory flavor.


pie pintCome out this Thursday (03/10/2016) from 4:00pm to close at Uncle Maddio’s for our Evening with Core Brewery.  Our 9″ 3-toppings will be only $5.99 and you can receive a FREE Core Brewery Pint Glass with purchase of your favorite Core Brew!
Try out our recommendations out or experience new combinations for yourself!

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