Cookies And Pizza: What’s not to Love?

April 19th, 2016 Posted by Cookies, Pizza, Uncategorized No Comment yet

When you think about Uncle Maddio’s, what’s the first thing that pops in your head?

The obvious answer? Pizza!  Although there may be some folks say they really like our salads or even our foldwiches.

The surprising answer? Cookies! 

You heard right!  Our guests LOVE our cookies and for good reason: they are DELICIOUS!20160127_131927

The perfect compliment to finishing up a tasty pizza, these warm gooey delights have been a staple at Uncle Maddio’s almost as much as our pizzas!  Like all of our ingredients, our cookies are fresh and prepared daily so you know you are getting the absolute best.

We designed these morsels specifically for the reason of being able to pick them apart bite by bite.  The flower shape allows guests to eat the “petals” of the cookie first and then leave the best part for last: the middle!

For the uninitiated: come in and try a cookie today.  We’ll bring it out to you hot and fresh, ready to eat.

If you’ve had them before: you can attest to their yumminess.  Swing by and enjoy another one!


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