Bellview Elementary’s Pizza for Year Drawing

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On Monday, the entire student body at Bellview Elementary in Rogers came together for their morning assembly.  Principal Cox announced the ‘Students of the Week’ and introduced the Quiz Bowl team as well as the receipt of their 2nd place trophy from the most recent tournament.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the word of the day was discussed: “reliable”.  Then Principal Cox turned the attention of the assembly to two guests from Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint.

A few weeks ago, every student at Bellview Elementary was given an entry to a drawing that was partnered with Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint.  The students were encouraged to write their favorite pizza toppings on this entry and then return it either to the school or to Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint.

You might be thinking: What’s the big deal?  What’s at stake here for the kids?


Principal Cox drew the name of the lucky winner: 4th Grader Nicholas!
The crowd cheered and congratulated their friend as he collected his certificate.

But wait!  Uncle Maddio’s wasn’t quite done.  There was still more pizza to give away!

Principal Cox drew the name of another lucky young man: 3rd Grader Drew!
As the runner-up, Drew got 2 FREE MONTHS of Pizza!

The enthusiasm was riding high now at the assembly.  Were they going to draw ANOTHER name?  Were they going to give away even more pizza?
The short answer: Yes, yes we did.

Principal Cox drew the final name for our 2nd runner-up: 3rd Grader Riley!
Riley received 1 FREE MONTH of Pizza!

The students were smiling and cheering on their friends who won so much pizza.  The room was glowing and high 5’s were being distributed freely.

After all, how many students do you know wouldn’t be happy about pizza?

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