An Elf on Uncle Maddio’s Shelf!

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Our friend, Eddie the Elf, has been so busy this season helping to get everything ready for all the holiday festivities.  Sometimes we tend to forget that even elves need to take a break and enjoy a delicious pizza from time to time!


Eddie the Elf always has a smile on his face when he pokes his head in the door at Uncle Maddio’s.  He stops by often enough that most of the pizza chefs know him by name!  He gets so excited when he opens that door and smells that fresh aroma of pizza (and cookies)!



There are always so many choices and varieties for Eddie the Elf to choose from.  “Too bad they don’t have a Candy Cane Pizza…” he thinks to himself.
Maybe just a cheese, cheese and more cheese Pizza!


“Are you sure I can’t add Candy Canes or maybe even some gumdrops to my pizza?” Eddie the Elf asks.

“Maybe I should at least put some tasty pineapple on there…”


The funny thing about elves is that they can be a little sneaky…and curious.  Especially around tasty food and treats!


Eddie the Elf loves his desserts!  His Before-Dinner desserts and After-Dinner desserts!

Fortunately for Eddie, his eyes are NEVER bigger than his stomach!


“Funny and creative pictures?  I can do that!  A $200 Gift Card?!?!  You bet I can do that!  I just wonder if elves are eligible?”  Eddie the Elf loves fun contests!


Of course, Eddie the Elf will ALWAYS get a cookie before he leaves!
All he needs now is a glass of milk…


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Uncle Maddio’s!

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