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Thank You for a Fantastic Year! You’re Awesome!

May 31st, 2016 Posted by Arvest, Beer, Happy Birthday!, Havenwood, Janie Darr No Comment yet

Happy June!

We here at Uncle Maddios wanted to take a moment and give a big thank you to all the customers, fans, groups and organizations that helped make our first year so successful.

We’re celebrating our first anniversary in this amazingly vibrant community. And as we reflect on what made the last year so wonderful, we can’t help but think how much we enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone over great pizza and salads. It’s been a marvelous experience. Now we’re looking forward to another great year. (more…)

Join Us for Doggie Happy Hour at Uncle Maddios

May 24th, 2016 Posted by Beer, Doggie Day, Foldwiches, Gluten-Free, Healthy Options, Pizza, Restaurant, Salads No Comment yet

Your dog is part of your family. You two go on walks together. You take your dog over to a friend’s house even when your friend is not too excited about it. You and your dog travel together across the country or around the block for a few groceries.

He returns the love and devotion. Your dog greets you when you come home at night. He sleeps in bed with you at night and cuddles with you when you are sick.



Who Do You Want to Share Your Pizza With?

May 17th, 2016 Posted by Cookies, Family Day, Pizza, Restaurant, Romantic idea No Comment yet

We like to think of ourselves as a pizza restaurant made for everyone.  We cater to lunch crowds, dinner crowds, birthday parties, you name it – we aim to please them!

Our fresh quality product and exceptional customer service makes your dining experience an unforgettable one.

So who do you want to share your pizza with? (more…)

It’s National Salad Month at Uncle Maddios!

May 10th, 2016 Posted by Gluten-Free, Healthy Options, Salad Month No Comment yet

Spring is here. The weather is warm, and the flowers are blooming. It just makes you feel good. It’s also National Salad Month; the perfect time for a fresh salad with all the fixings from Uncle Maddio’s Pizza. You can load up on lots of healthy vegetables and lean meats and begin the spring season right. And don’t forget the baby spinach or the mixed greens, or romaine lettuce. (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day from Uncle Maddio’s!

May 3rd, 2016 Posted by Happy Mothers Day No Comment yet

This time every year we get to honor those special ladies in our lives: Mom’s!

Our mothers do so much for us day in and day out that sometimes 1 holiday isn’t quite enough.  But use this day to say or do something special for your mother.  A nice meal, a thoughtful card, a gift from the store or that you made yourself.  If it came from you, then you can almost guarantee she will love it.  Any way you can show appreciation to her, do it. (more…)