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Different Crusts Bring Their Own Unique Styles to Pizza

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Pizza chefs from all over the globe are constantly evolving and experimenting to create their own unique take on Pizza.  Just like a fingerprint, each pizza created by each chef can bring something new, interesting, and different to the dining room table.

As the literal foundation of the actual pizza as well as the recipe used to make it, the crust has continually been a primary target for innovation.  The crust dictates taste, thickness, and texture of the pizza but also affects the appearance and presentation!  The crust you choose can change the entire dynamic of your pizza!


Make it a Family Night Every Wednesday at Uncle Maddio’s

February 15th, 2016 Posted by Family Day, Gluten-Free, Meat Lovers, Restaurant, Uncategorized No Comment yet

With the week in full swing and the weekend just in sight, it’s time to take a breather from your kitchen.

Between the leftovers and the remnants of last week’s grocery trip, everyone in the house is ready for something different.  Just enough to get you through to Friday.

What better way to spice up your dinner plans than bringing the entire family in for Wednesday Family Day at Uncle Maddio’s?

Fresh Salads: Diversify Your Dining List

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Providing our guests with lots of options is one of many things we excel at here at Uncle Maddio’s.  Customization and variety are big on most wishlists and we certainly aim to do just that.

But we’re not talking about just pizza customization and variety of toppings.  When guests come in to our restaurant we want to make sure if they want a delicious pizza that’s what they are getting.  If they want something along the lines of a calzone/panini, they can order one of our tasty foldwiches.  Finally: if they want to enjoy a premium salad with fresh veggies and toppings, they won’t leave disappointed.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Uncle Maddio’s!

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and the question always arises:
What do I get my significant other?

A big hesitation with many shoppers is the budget.  Flowers are beautiful, but can be costly.  Jewelry will make her smile, but is also very expensive.

So how do you resolve your dilemma of getting your someone special that special something?

Think outside the proverbial box.