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The Big Max: Uncle Maddio’s Answer to the Meat Lover’s Pizza

December 29th, 2015 Posted by Meat Lovers, Pizza, Restaurant, Specialty Pizzas No Comment yet

With the end of the year right around the corner, we like to take the time to look back on arguably the most popular pizza sold in our restaurant: The Big Max!

The Big Max is our answer to the eternal question: “Hey, do you guys have a meat lovers pizza?”  Short answer: We ABSOLUTELY do!

We love to please all walks of “pizza life” that come through our doors:
Gluten-free guests, vegan or vegetarian patrons, and on the opposite end of that spectrum – the Meat Lover enthusiasts!


An Elf on Uncle Maddio’s Shelf!

December 21st, 2015 Posted by Christmas, Pizza, SNAP-TAG-SHARE No Comment yet

Our friend, Eddie the Elf, has been so busy this season helping to get everything ready for all the holiday festivities.  Sometimes we tend to forget that even elves need to take a break and enjoy a delicious pizza from time to time!


Eddie the Elf always has a smile on his face when he pokes his head in the door at Uncle Maddio’s.  He stops by often enough that most of the pizza chefs know him by name!  He gets so excited when he opens that door and smells that fresh aroma of pizza (and cookies)!


Gluten-Free: We’ve got you covered!

December 15th, 2015 Posted by Gluten-Free, Pizza, Restaurant No Comment yet

One of our best features at Uncle Maddio’s is our variety of options and ability to appeal to customers with dietary needs and requests of all varieties.  Our vegetarian guests love our Simply Veggie Pizza, while our carnivore guests can’t get enough of The Big Max.  Everyone in between seems to enjoy just creating their own miniature masterpiece with a ‘Create-Your-Own’ Pizza.

What about our Gluten-free guests?  So many restaurant patrons have run into this problem on a recurring basis: I can order a partially dissected flavorless tumbleweed or I can spend a small fortune…or both! 

Gluten-free eating can be a challenge, especially in the beginning.  Whether you’re just learning to eat gluten-free, or trying to discover gluten-free “friendly” establishments; finding that balance can be a struggle. (more…)

Win a $200 Gift Card to Uncle Maddio’s with SNAP-TAG-SHARE!

December 8th, 2015 Posted by Gift Cards, Instagram, Pizza, Restaurant, SNAP-TAG-SHARE No Comment yet
We’re giving away a $200 Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Gift Card to ONE lucky winner!
How do you enter? It’s pretty simple:

Take our pizza on a trip. SNAP a photo of you and your Uncle Maddio’s pizza, pizza boxes, cups, or any other logo items – all fair game – ANYWHERE you want, bonus points for creativity!

Tag up to 5 of your friends or family from the Northwest Arkansas area. We want them to know about the contest too.

Share your awesome photo on Instagram using the #MaddiosMyWay hashtag. (more…)

Uncle Maddio’s Partners With Havenwood for Giving Tuesday

December 1st, 2015 Posted by Giving Tuesday, Havenwood, Non-profit Partnerships No Comment yet

We have a holiday dedicated to giving thanks.

We have 2 days following that are earmarked for shopping “deals of the year”.

So, why not put a day after to kick-start giving back?
Giving Tuesday started in 2012 as a movement supporting charity, philanthropy, and encourage giving in any form – time, resources, talents, etc.  It is the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving in which awareness is brought to a simple act of kindness.

This year for Giving Tuesday, we decided to partner with one of Northwest Arkansas’ local non-profit organizations – Havenwood.  This organization is dedicated specifically to helping single parent families in need.  Families that are struggling with domestic abuse or homelessness – families that are need of transitioning out of a bad situation and into a positive one. (more…)